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Very impressed with the clarity of the screen & the neat design. Thank you Ectaco.
Michael Gin about jetBook Lite
Students find it much easier to interact with an electronic device than flip through pages in a book or hunt through stacks of references in the library. Not only does the jetBook K-12 hold their interest more, it gives them access to a much larger selection of books than they might find available in their library.
Blogcritics.org about jetBook K-12
Thanks for making a great product! I love my JetBook Lite!
J Stephen Satterfield about jetBook Lite
Awesome, dependable, rugged, easy to read
Ghosth332 about jetBook

Since I got my jetbook some 5 months ago I'm reading at least 3x as much as I used to. Flexible, with a wide range of file types. Good battery life, reasonable screen size, and cost. No eyestrain at all, no annoying flash as page turns.

After having used mine daily, taken it everywhere I went for the last several months. I'll never be without one again. Its lightweight, sturdy, dependable, and does everything exactly as advertised. Compared to everything else out there, it rocks.
Brian Frillin about jetBook
Handy and easy-to-use e-reader
Jim Ferguson about jetBook
A lovely little beast
chelservoncoast about jetBook Mini
Great product and quite affordable! I've had only positive experience with it so far and the customer support that I received was very impressive. BTW, I like that it takes regular batteries which can easily be replaced when needed.
Thian Hollock about jetBook Lite
This is a great e-reader that I've enjoyed using since last Christmas. It is so easy to operate that even my mom had no trouble using it. It was especially nice to find out that the screen had a high contrast with eye friendly background so my eyes do not get tired at all. Another thing that impressed me is that it runs on 4 AAA batteries which can be easily replaced at any time. The only drawback that I can think of is that it does not have much of internal memory, but I got mine with a 1GB SD card in the package which solved the problem. I'll definitely recommend it to all of my friends as it seems to be the most cost-effective e-reader on the market.
Johannah Woodstock about jetBook Mini
I read my first book on my new JB-L - an Adobe PDF ebook I borrowed from the library. I have to tell you I am tickled pink with this ereader. I love its small size, light weight, landscape mode, all the formats it supports (handles PDF beautifully), the fact that it does NOT have a backlight, the fact that it takes regular batteries... and on and on and on. I''m thrilled with my purchase! =)
Nashelle Swartzentruber
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