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Ectaco jetBook Universal Portable Reading Device Review
Great size, very portable; extremely easy to operate; large screen with lots of viewing options; multiple language support; pre-loaded with a diverse virtual library of classics and information; easy to download even more reading material from several free eBook sites.
Judie Lipsett
In 5 minutes I was more impressed with the jetBook than the sony ebook reader. I could not take Sony's "flash" on page turns. The buttons were hard to press and too tiny. E-publishing is the new frontier! Get the jetBook into as many electronics stores as you can. It beats Sony hands-down.
I just bought a Jetbook and I'm very happy with it. The screen is a bit small but it's great to read PDFs, especially with the zoom function. I love my jetBook. -- no eye strain at all. And I have already used the landscape feature twice. (who would have guessed). Thanks for making such a great eReader.
Hello, guys,
Thanks for your JetBook. I bought it 2 weeks ago and constantly reading on my daily ride from NJ to Manhattan and while waiting kids from their tennis class. I probably read more books with JetBook in these 2 weeks than in the past 2 years. Thanks to Ann Smith for teaching me where to get free content. Good luck with your new projects.
PS: I tried morning downloads from news sites. Works perfect.
Felix Katz, Marlboro, NJ
Hi, Ann,
We have received JetBook today and just finished downloading Andresen's fairytales from the site you gave us. Seem we set with the reading for the kids till graduation:).
Alex, NYC
My wife has the iLiad and I have a good chance to compare it with my Jetbook. My opinion is that the Jetbook wins all comparisons.
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