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Just got this today - so far it is great! I love all the pre-loaded books! The screen is highly readable and the item is easy to hold.
Janice Lind
Best ebook reader on the market! I can't wait to get PDF reflow and ePub TOC on it like was recently done on it's cousin, the jetBook! I love being able to replace the batteries!
Subscriber from jetBook.net
I ordered a jetbook and received it within the same week (I'm living in Spain so it's a very good performance). During the last five months I've been using this device every day and I'm really happy with my purchase. I hope You'll go on with the developing of that kind of readers.
i just want to tell you how much i love this product, i got this for xmas gift. after carefully compareing all the ereader on the market, at the time or near future this IS the best product hands down, I love the abillity to listen to mp-3 files as well as jpeg files thx
David g.
Y'all are unbelievable! I was hoping to score a case for my jetBook LITE and to get one for my son, dad, and friend as well is really awesome!
Not only will I keep reading, but I'll continue to recommend your product to everyone I can as well. In addition to the jetBook LITE being the best ebook reader out there, the Ectaco team are great people too!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you for the four cases and the opportunity to win them with the contest.
If you have parents that read, I'd highly recommend it.
My Dad has been struggling with Macular Degeneration, so he reads landscape style on the largest font size. His small local library only has about 50 large print books. So he's really enjoying being able to read again.
MobileRead Forum User
Can't put it down
It's small, fast, and holds thousands of books (with a memory card, I have a 4GB SD card in mine. I can't read books from my local library on it...for now. To my understanding there will be a firmware upgrade soon that will fix that. It's a good, basic reader that does most of what the more expensive K*&^le and S*&y readers will do, and that's to read Ebooks! I don't need wireless capability to "get a book in seconds". While that's a nice feature to have, it's not worth paying 2, or 3 times what the Jetbook Lite cost me.
I like it!
The things I like about the JetBook Lite are:
- the reflective TFT display is very sharp and clear (provided you have enough ambient light)
- powered by AA batteries so that I will never have to stop reading to recharge as with most other readers
- a comfortable weight and size that make it very portable
- lots ebook formats supported: TXT, RTF, PRC, PDF, MOBI, HTML, FB2, EPUB
- you can add a large SD/SDHC card and put thousands of books on it and put them in logically ordered folders (not all readers have SD slots and some don't allow folders
- a fair price, especially at Newegg (the best deal I could find on the net)
In general I prefer public domain/classic ebooks to current bestsellers, but it would be convenient if the Jetbook Lite supported Adobe DRM in use by public libraries sometime in the near future. It would be nice it it came with a case because the battery compartment bump on the back, although handy for holding while reading, will not fit into any standard case. I worry that, while falling asleep reading or while carrying it around the house, I will drop and break it! I wish it had a better dictionary, the Eng-Eng dictionary included is practically useless (to me). Hopefully they will fix this with a better dictionary in a future update. It would be nice if you could jump to a particular chapter when the format provides for such, like those that have HTML tables of contents (like many of those at Project Gutenberg). I can live with its current limitations for the price, with expectations of future improvements to the on-board software.
Newegg user
Great reader
I bought this reader in early December for my wife, and it's performed great. She's had no issues with it at all (other than letting the batteries die on her while reading), and uses it daily. My wife is a nurse who does in-home patient care, and at times, there is a large amount of sit-and-wait, but now she just pulls out her jetbook, and can pass the time reading. The only real con we've seen with it is the battery indicator appears to be geared towards regular batteries, so the charge-level when using rechargables is off. The unit works great on them, but expect your charge-remaining to not always be correct. My wife carries a spare set of batteries for this reason.
David Hefner
I love my JBL ereader
Fast page turns. No reflash on page turns. Uses common AA batteries. Clear screen easy to read. Recognizes many formats. I love this ereader, its everything I wanted and has fulfilled my expectations. I had been wanting an ereader but they were very expensive. This is a reasonable price and is as good as any ereader on the market. There are three different ways to turn the page which I really like. I can switch back on forth which makes it more comfortable with repetitive motions like page turns. I am also well satisfied with Exacto customer service. Emails are answered promptly and they have been very helpful with my questions. I like that it uses AA batteries, I use rechargeables and always have a fresh set of batteries ready to inserted. I am pleased with my Jetbook Lite. I do not regret my decision to buy a JBL from Newegg and would do it again. I use my JBL every day.
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