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Great value for the money. Beautiful screen! Very crisp. Easy for non tech people to learn to use. Love AA batteries, so much easier for my mom to deal with than trying to keep a reader charged. Fast page turning/no annoying flash. I purchased this reader for my 83 year old mother who finds even email challenging. I am amazed at how easily she can work this reader! It is very very intuitive to use. Just a couple of minutes of me showing her the basics on how to use it and she was good to go. Even my father who hates all things electronic could figure out how to use it. And she find the screen very easy on her eyes. She keeps remarking on how beautiful the printing is. I honestly thought that the reader would just join the pile of other gifts that I have given my mother and she won't use. Boy, I was wrong. She uses it almost every day!
Great ereader, I love it!
Screen very easy to read in all conditions, but not backlit so need a light source in the dark; 5" form factor compact and easy to carry in pocket or bag; 3 options for page turning; 6 font sizes (and equivalent zooming for PDF viewing); takes AA batteries; long life on rechargeables (more than 10 hours); remembers place in multiple ebooks; compatible with B&N .pdb secure ereader format and LOTS of others - htm, txt, rtf, prc, epub, pdf; takes SD cards for unlimited storage possibilities; USB connection to upload directly to internal memory; lot of free ebooks included in memory; inexpensive enough for a first timer to get into ebooks
Nicky G
Reader is small and lightweight. About like sitting and reading a standard paperback. Screen is crisp and clear. Handles text, pdf, and various ebook formats I have thrown at with with no issues. Still have the batteries that came with it loaded and have a full charge (only light usage so far). After reading through all of the pros and cons on various sites (including the Newegg reviews), I had decided that I would get a jetbook reader. I couldn't resist the recent special (115/free shipping) and made the purchase. So far I have been pleased with the jetbook. I do not need a wi-fi connected reader for instant downlaods, I just need a digital paperback for reading. I have gone out and collected a lot of old books from project Gutenberg and other sites. I have found an excellent user support group in the MobileRead forums for the jetbook. Great group for any eReader owner. I also loaded some comic book scans (JPG) onto the reader. Even though they are grey scale and not color, they were still clear and sharp. Wouldn't recommend making this a comic book reader, but it's not really too bad for doing just that. The images look great, but the text would have to be zoomed to be read.
I liked the first one so much I bought a second
Pros: I love physical books so much I was initially skeptical of ereaders. Then looking at displays in Staples, etc., and thinking about "a library in my pocket" I started researching. The result of my labors was this device - then I bought a 2nd!
Its positives are:
1. user replaceable, cheap batteries
2. a highly readable screen, with no more eyestrain than that of a paper book (approximately)
3. mostly "intuitive" operation (I seldom looked in the manual, albeit the manual needs improvement/expansion)
4. size/form factor weight (compromise between portability and readability)
5. support for many ebook formats: fb2, prc, mobi, html, txt, rtf, pdf, epub, and perhaps more to come
6. support for folders (but not too deep!). Buy an SD card and you can organize your heart out and have lots of books to peruse
7. a price not far above $100 - if you want a good reader NOW and don't want to spend a lot the JBL, as we owners like to call it, may be a good choice.
wherethereslife, Newegg
Excelent e-Reader
It supports a ton of formats, including PDF, and SDHC cards. The reflective TFT LCD screen is very readable with no eye fatigue. No refresh like the e-paper screens. Can change the orientation of the screen, and the battery pack on the back acts as a stand for reading at the table. The interface is very easy to use and understand, and it's fast. Feels better in my hands than the Sony Reader Pocket. I would have preferred a 6" screen, but the 5" works. Only 100MB internal memory. (Just get a 2GB SD card and you should be good.) I noticed a few people complaining about the battery pack sticking out the back, but I find that the reader fits very comfortably in my left had because of it. It doesn't have wireless or an mp3 player, but you really don't need them on an e-reader.
Just purchased your white-case model. It appears to operate very well and navigation is pretty obvious/user friendly. Thanks for providing a great alternative to the Kindle and Sony's offering.
I purchased one over the weekend and tested mobi and epub. No problems. I like the TFT screen better than the e-ink Sony and Kindle because it doesn't do that weird blinking. This is number one reason I purchased this. Please do not do use e-ink in the future, stick with increasing the resolution... Just let people know that this screen switches screens faster, works like a real computer screen (which is what most of us use already), and was developed for this specific purpose.
Also you are not forced to use proprietary software and this one uses a REAL file system with folders. Last, I can use the bottom buttons to switch easier because I have carpal tunnel problems and I can use my left hand. The screen rotation is also pretty neat. Thanks for a great product! People are ready for a electronic reader at this price.
Dennis V. James
I am a huge fan of the jetBook and am very VERY happy that I purchased this instead of something else. I had a stroke a year ago and can no longer read 'normal print' books and have found that large print books have become too expensive or that the wait is too long for my patience. So I started researching ebook readers and I decided to give this one a try because of 2 reasons. #1, the price was right and #2, you can store pictures. I have been VERY happy with this product and have recommended it many times to many people including my neuro-optomologist who is looking into getting one. For me, text files work best. While jetBook supports and prefers text files, most of my ebooks were in pdf format. However, I found a wonderful converter that works wonders, so it's no longer a con for me.
The Jetbook screen is NOT backlit and I find it plenty easy on the eyes. I often read on it for several hours a day. The chief advantage to the Jetbook, in mind is that it can fit in the front pocket of my jeans (also the back pocket.. but I don't want to sit on it :)). It makes it relatively easy to have it with me where ever I go. The iPod Touch and other PDAish sized devices are ok for quick reading sessions, but the smaller screens quickly become annoying. In other words, I would say that a 5" screen size is just about right.. big enough to not be distracted by the poor formatting and frequent page turns of sub 4" screens, and not so large as to make the device to bulky. I have used both eInk and LCD screens, each has their strengths... I like eInk, but if you need to look at an oversized PDF document, LCD wins by a mile.

Mbipocket Creator and Convert Doc are Windows only I believe
Calibre, even though it does not claim support for the jetBook, just put out a very nice conversion from pdf to epub for me. I had one small glitch. It didn't give me the cover image from the pdf, and when I tried to add one that's ALL I would get, a one page file with a cover and no book to read. This could be my fault as I just did a quick conversion, not playing with anything since I am unfamiliar. But the resulting file looks just great on the jetBook. Using align left, I can forgive jetBook for not having a margin on that side, as the screen is smallish to begin with.

I tried to output a mobi file from the pdf using calibre, but once loaded on the jetBook (not in calibre's viewer), every quote mark and apostrophe came out something like . So epub it is, and I am very pleased.

I've had a few issues today, a few resets required, weird invisible files (Mac issue) on my SD card, but nothing a beginner like myself couldn't deal with.

I must say again, now that it is nighttime and I am reading by lamp, the jetBook print is much blacker than the Kindle. Side by side, I find the jetBook much easier to read in lamp light, as I did this afernoon. I have not tried the jetBook outdoors yet. This is a surprise to me, after all the talk of e-ink. Almost instant page turns too. The Kindle looks, no joke here, washed out and faded next to it. I paid almost exactly the same for both, and that's my honest take.

A small thing, but I wish the slider (and the page turn buttons on the left bottom)on the left of the Jetbook were non metallic, or rather non reflective. Just like with the Kindle, you angle the jetBook so your lamp doesn't reflect in the screen, but with the jetBook, at just that spot it causes a bit of a reflection in the slider. Angle it more and you loose screen brightness in relation to the lamp.

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