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This has got to be the best eReader on the market for people like me. I carry around a *large* collection of technical pubs, rfcs, etc., and no other reader I''ve tried could handle the size and varied formats. This one does, and it does so like a charm.
Love it.
Arthur Corliss
Love this reader. My parents bought this as a gift for me. Even in low light, I can read the fonts and my eyes aren''t strained. Even though it doesn''t read audiobooks, I''m quite satisfied with it.
Sheila Noack
My son had an opportunity to attend the conference in Vegas last week introducing the Jetbook K-12, he is an administrator for the Los Angeles Unified School District and they are looking at using these in their classrooms. I am very impressed with your product and he says your CEO David Lubintsky and his engineers are genius.
Elena Mafla
Hi everyone!
First of all, thanks for your great products. I've purchased a jetBook LITE and I'm extremely pleased with it! I've been recommending and showing it to anybody that express desire of purchasing an ereader.
I'm also very pleased with the updated to the firmware you have made over the past year: I really appreciate the new feature to "re-distill" the PDF. It is still pretty tough to read PDF with a lot of images (such as technical papers and so on) but I'm nevertheless very pleased.
One feature I would really like to see that I'm missing from my previous reader is the automatic scrolling where the text scroll upwards with a speed that can be dynamically selected using the cursor keys and started/stopped with the ok key, for example.
I know there is a automatic page turning but it's much harder to select the correct timing and often it depends for the content of the particular page.
Possibly this could limit the battery life somehow since it would require more processing power but it might be a trade-off that, if spelled out, is acceptable for your clientele.
In any case, thanks again for your products!
Jetbook is a fantastic alternative to the more pricey Kindle and Nook. I love my Jetbook, it goes everywhere with me.
Chelsea Belfield
the best mini reader
Alfredo Marin Badilla
I am so glad you chose to work with Adobe Digital Editions for DRM encoded books. I am no longer tied to my computer when it comes to DRM --- Yeah!!!!
I moved over two of my favorite books immediately. They look great; it is easy to find specific chapters and to search for specific text within the book. I am very, very pleased.
And thank you for making it possible to turn off (and on) the PDF reflow. I have several books and course materials, that contain graphics, layout specific content and poetry. With the ability to turn off reflow, I can see the books the way they were intended.
I'm letting one of my favorite online bookstores (Books On Board) know that JetBook can be on their preferred list of eReaders.
Thank you so much for continuing to provide a quality product. I appreciate what you do. And I really do like this reader better than any of the other ones I have come across.
Now, to call my mom and have her update her jetBook too.
I bought the Regular Jetbook as, admittedly, an impulse buy. Then I bought my father a Jetbook-Lite and we traded jetbooks and we have been happy with your products ever since. I had given serious consideration to buying a Kindle from Amazon(R), but am very glad I chose ECTACO.
Jason Smith
Love my JBL. Even as the other readers drop in price, I have had no reason to buy another gadget when you guys keep updating the JBL firmware so regularly.
Maggie Wang
Awesome gadget!!!
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