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ECTACO, Inc. has just signed a remarkable distribution deal that is set to make the company's jetBook eBook Reader the most widely used portable electronic library ever.

L.I.C., NY, 18 November, 2008 - NY-based ECTACO, Inc., one of America's largest developers of handheld translation technology for consumer, business and government use has just announced a new distribution deal that will put its jetBook eBook readers within easy reach of consumers across the country. A recent agreement between the company and superstore retailer Fry's Electronics, and online retailer Newegg, now makes it possible for consumers to find its products more easily and to get some of the best deals around on the company's new jetBook.

Emerging as one of the hottest gadgets in the competitive field of portable electronic libraries, the ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader gives users the opportunity to read and learn using a single, convenient device with advanced translating dictionary options. With its support for book content in the world's most popular languages and file formats, jetBook has taken the e-reading world by storm since it was unveiled earlier this year.

ECTACO CEO and President, David Lubinitsky, recently remarked, "Able to handle many formats including the popular new fb2 protocol, the jetBook eBook Reader is a truly universal device that readers of any language can enjoy. And with the new distribution deal we have just signed with two of America's largest and most respected retailers, we are confident that the contribution we are making to the world of electronic books is going to change the way Americans read forever."

Founded in 2001, Newegg.com was named one of the Internet's Top 10 retailers in 2005 by Internetretailer.com with 2004 sales revenue of just under $1 billion and is one of the country's highest rated online retailers, putting it in the top ten out of over 13,000 stores, as of January 2008. Fry's Electronics is a specialty retailer of software, consumer electronics, computer hardware and household appliances with a chain of superstores headquartered in Silicon Valley that now boasts annual sales of $2.4 billion with over 30 stores located in several Western states, including two near Atlanta, Georgia, multiple locations in Texas, and one each in Illinois and Indiana.

With its sleek, attractive design, a large hi-res screen that is easy on the eyes, and a customizable display that includes a choice of fonts and sizes, jetBook will stand out next to the competition on the display stands across the country. And since it comes preloaded with premium titles like Fodor's Travel Guide and resources such as the CIA World Factbook, jetBook already has a jump on the competition. Able to store thousands of titles, display photos, as well as text and offering a robust MP3 player, jetBook also lets users listen to their favorite music while reading their favorite books - all qualities that will help the jetBook become one of the hottest new sellers at Fry's Electronics and NewEgg.com

To learn more about the ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader visit www.jetBook.net or www.ectaco.com.

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