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jetBook Lite Mini K-12 Color
External Loudspeaker for jetBook
External Loudspeaker for jetBook
Share the joy of a good book and your favorite music with friends and family using this external loudspeaker. Keep you hands free for other tasks while you continue to enjoy your jetBook contents.
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Earlight for Jetbook
Earlight for Jetbook
This convenient and comfortable over the ear hands-free light source lets you read your ECTACO jetBook in low-light situations without disturbing others. The high-powered, adjustable beam puts the light just where you need it without the any of the inconvenience of clip-on book lights.
Price: $29.95 More Info / Buy Now
USB car charger
USB car charger
Just place this handy charger into your carís accessory plug to recharge your 850/900/iTRAVL/LUX series or jetBook while driving between destinations to always be ready for the next restaurant or shopping stop.
Price: $19.95 More Info / Buy Now
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